Welcome to the Klausenpass

Between Uri and Glarus
Between Altdorf and Linthal
Between heaven and earth


Dear guests and friends of the Klausenpass

The longed-for summer holidays are here and the weather is playing along, too!
On our terrace, the mountain air ensures a pleasant climate even on hot days...

Next door the new hotel building has grown rapidly - in only 5 days the wooden builiding part was erected. 
You can find a current foto >HERE< and many more on our Facebook-Account
Now things are progressing rapidly: the stone facade is growing and intensive work is going on inside.

Are you planning a tour to the pass and want to secure yourself a place in the sun?
We gladly accept table reservations under 041 879 11 64. 


the pass is open


You can contact us for further information per email ( info@klausenpasshoehe.ch ) or phone +41 (0)41 879 11 64. 

Beatrice Arnold, Jonas Wyrsch and Team

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