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Between Uri and Glarus
Between Altdorf and Linthal
Between heaven and earth


Dear guests and friends of the Klausenpass.

The very last season in the old Hotel Klausenpasshöhe has come to an end.
We are very grateful that we had the chance to experience our first season in it.
Up to the last day, we were able to learn about many exciting stories from the past.
Thank you very much for your loyalty and the many visits also in this special summer 2020.
We really enjoyed it!
Now we are looking forward to the next season in the new Hotel Klausenpass.
The opening is expected to take place in June 2021, soon after that we will sell inventory from the old hotel.
We will keep you up to date on this channel or via facebook and instragram!

Enjoy wintertime and see you soon! Greetings
Beatrice Arnold, Jonas Wyrsch and the whole fabulous team



 Winter closure 


Planning a trip to the Klausenpass this coming summer and wish to make a booking?
You reach us at info@klausenpasshoehe.ch or call us on +41 41 879 11 64 .

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