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Between Uri and Glarus
Between Altdorf and Linthal
Between heaven and earth


Dear guests and friends of the Klausenpass

The last season in the old Hotel Klausenpasshöhe has come to an end.
We are very grateful to have still been able to experience our first season in it.
Especially during the last weeks and days we were able to learn about many exciting stories from the past.
Many thanks for your loyalty and your visits on the Klausenpass.

The hotel is not yet completely in winter hibernation. The construction work next door continues.
Hopefully for another week or two so that the opening of the new Hotel Klausenpass next year can take place early.
Chances are good, works are fully on track.

And so we too are full of anticipation for next season in the Bijou, which is already shining in all its glory.

Thank you, all the best and see you soon at www.hotelklausenpass.ch (currently still redirected to this homepage).

Greetings from the whole Klausenpass-team!


the pass is open


You can contact us for further information per email ( info@klausenpasshoehe.ch ) or phone +41 (0)41 879 11 64

Beatrice Arnold, Jonas Wyrsch and Team

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