Travelling by coach

The most convenient way to get to the Klausenpass is by coach.

Passengers can enjoy the spectacular route up the mountain, the view into the Schächental’s neighbouring valleys, tremendous waterfalls and the sight of the unique Alpine scenery around the Claridenstock (3267m) and Scherhorn (3234 m).

You can stop off at the Klausenpass Hotel and Restaurant and enjoy good food from our chef and friendly service from our service staff in the Panorama room.

Info for coach trips
From 1 June 2012 the Klausenpass is accessible Mondays to Fridays to single-decker coaches (max. width 2.55 m and max. weight 18 tonnes) with a special permit.
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Unterschächen to Linthal.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from Linthal to Unterschächen.

Permits can be obtained from the Canton of Uri or Canton of Glarus road traffic licensing departments (Strassenverkehrsamt):
Permits for the route Linthal – Unterschächen available from:
Strassenverkehrsamt des Kanton Glarus, Mühlestrasse 17, 8762 Schwanden
Tel 055 646 54 00 Fax 055 646 54 01

Permits for the route Unterschächen – Linthal available from:
Amt für Strassen- und Schiffsverkehr, Gotthardstrasse 77a, 6460 Altdorf
Tel 041 875 28 02 Fax 041 875 28 05

Kessler Carreisen
8635 Dürnten
Tel: 055 240 87 70
Natel: 079 420 41 66
Drög möller 40 PL 2.3 m breit

If you are interested in vintage buses and coaches, we can recommend
Jürg Biegger
Tel: 055 283 20 22 / 079 693 74 00 (in German only)

Subject to change