Travelling on the Urnerboden Sprinter

Linthal –Urnerboden (Klausenpass) public transport

The Urnerboden Sprinter will be running again from 25. September 2018.

All journeys must be reserved on 079 609 12 71
Journeys up to the top of the pass and others on request.

Please make your reservation one day before travelling, if possible.


8.30 dep. Urnerboden
9.00 dep. Linthal Bahnhof
11.30 dep. Urnerboden
12.00 dep. Linthal Bahnhof
15.30 dep. Urnerboden
16.00 dep. Linthal Bahnhof

We hope to provide a straightforward service for the residents of Urnerboden, the funicular and tourists.

The Postauto AG will continue to provide the postal bus service over the Klausenpass (June to September).