Suggested hiking route: Schächental / Weg der Schweiz tour

Day 1: Urnerboden
This route starts on the largest and probably most beautiful grazing pasture in Switzerland, high up on a wonderful plateau. After gaining your strength in the Urnerboden restaurant, take the cable car up to the Fisentengrat (ridge) and walk via Gemsfairen to the Klausenpass, where you can spend the night. In the ‘leaning tower of Klausenpass’ a motivated service team awaits you and is sure to serve up culinary delights. Accommodation at the Hotel Klausenpass (041 879 11 64 ).

Day 2: Schächental high mountain path
The Schächental high mountain path from the Klausenpass to the Eggberge lies at the heart of the Urner Alpine chain. White-red-white mountain hiking route signs mark the whole path and there are no great changes in altitude. A glorious, varied mountain panorama can be enjoyed along the way.
In front of the Klausenpass by the "untere Balm" (1800 m) the Schächental mountain path, at this point a wide unmetalled road, climbs up the right-hand side of the valley to Alp Heidmanegg (1862 m). The path then undulates gently across the sunny terrain up to Alp Mettenen (1759 m) with its pretty little mountain huts. The path now leads below the impressive rockface of the Schächental Windgälle, through varied scenery to “ob den Hegen” and further on to the “Älpeli”. The landscape below the Schächental mountainsides is scattered with well-tended mountain farms. On the opposite, shady side of the valley, the imposing rockfaces of the Ruchen-Windgälle mountain chain fall steeply into the depths of the Brunnital valley. Halfway along the upper mountain path you will come to the Spiringen-Ratzi aerial tramway station at 1520 m above sea level, with the Ratzi mountain hotel (Berggasthaus) nearby, where you can enjoy a meal or stay the night.
Accommodation at the Ratzi Berggasthaus (041 879 12 30 )

Day 3: Schächentaler high mountain path
Our next landmarks are called Obflüe, Hintere and Vordere Gisleralp and Vorder Weiss-boden (1720 m). Here there is a clearly visible signpost at a marked cleft in the valley, pointing to the two mountain restaurants Edelweiss and Biel, and a cableway down to Bürglen. Above the route lies the Chinzigpass, leading on into the Muotathal, flanked by two imposing peaks, Rossstock and Fulen. Our well marked hiking route along the Vorder Weissenboden leads to the Ruogig (1730 m, another cableway station) and further on up to "Selez" and the popular “Schweizer Familie” fireplace in a gentle dip in which you’ll find the quiet waters of the "Fleschseeli". This little lake is only 0.3 ha large and lies at 1800 m above sea level. The water is surprisingly warm in summer and is delightfully inviting for a swim in the company of the rainbow trout. There is a glorious panoramic view from the hiking route leading to Bergkreuz: the name of this point is Hüenderegg, lying at 1874 m above sea level. Standing to the northeast are the rugged rocky tops of the mountain chain with the 2461-metre-high peak of the Rossstock; to the east can be seen the gentle sunny slopes of the hiking area just recently crossed; to the south lies the deep cleft of the Reusstal on the Uri side and to the west the imposing peaks of the Uri Rotstock (2928 m) and the Brunnistock (2952 m) confront the eye. The panorama is completed by the rounded tops of the Oberbauen and Niederbauen mountains to the north. The high mountain path now runs downwards to Angelingen and along the little road as far as Eggeberge (1445 m). You are now faced with a choice. You can either take the Eggberge aerial cableway directly down the valley to Altdorf-Flüelen or you may prefer to stop off at either Birchweid or Seeblick mountain restaurant.
Accommodation in Hotel Hirschen, Flüelen (041 870 02 12 / )

Days 4 & 5: Weg der Schweiz (The Swiss Way)
It takes about three hours to walk from Flüelen to Bauen via Isleten. In Bauen you can take the boat to Tellsplatte or Sisikon where you can stay the night and then on the fifth day set out on the last leg of the walk to Brunnen.
Accommodation in Hotel Tellsplatte, Tellsplatte, Sisikon (041 874 18 74 / )
Accommodation in Hotel Eden, Sisikon (041 820 41 41 / )