This mountain bike tour takes you across the well known historic Chinzigpass. The Russian Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov experienced great hardship crossing the Chinzigpass more than 200 years ago, on 27th September 1799, with an army of more than 20,000 Russian soldiers in the war against the French. The weather did not smile upon Suvorov back then. According to the historical chronicles, it rained the whole day and it even snowed up on the Chinzigpass.

General Alexander Suworow
Portrait of the Russian field marshal
General Suvorov, 1730-1800
Suvorov, Alexander Wassilievitsch, 1730-1800, Russian general (field marshal) who bore the title of earl (or prince). After victories in the Russian-Turkish war and the suppression of the Polish insurrection of 1794, Suvorov drove the French out of Northern Italy in 1799.

A good 200 years ago, after the old Swiss confederation had collapsed and Switzerland had become the stage of European war, a Russian army under General Suvorov marched from Northern Italy over the Gotthard into the Reuss valley. Finding no boats to transport them across Lake Uri, the general decided to take the longer route over the snow-covered Chinzigpass into the Muota valley.