Shorter walks in the vicinity of the hotel

Raustöckli (2443 m above sea level)
The Raustöckli lies to the south of the Klausenpass. This striking viewpoint can be reached on foot and with suitable hiking gear in about 1 ¾ hours from the Hotel Klausenpasshöhe. The view from the top onto the north face of Claridenstock is phenomenal, as Clariden is a mere 2 km away. After climbing up through an altitude difference of 500 m, you are rewarded with the sight of the gloriously impressive Alpine scenery.

Hiking makes you hungry and thirsty.

Ruosalper Chulm - Balmer Grätli (2218 m above sea level)
Right by the Klausenpasshöhe Hotel lies the start of the path up to the Balmergrätli (2218 m), which can be reached in about one hour. It takes about another 30 minutes to cross the ridge and get to your day’s destination, the Ruosalper Chulm. Here you’ll find a range of varied scenery to enjoy.
Your attention will be caught not only by the Clariden massive but also by the Ruossalp stretching to the north and even by the distant karst landscape around the waters of the Glattalpsee.

Tea served with a delicious range of cakes awaits you after your descent to Klausenstrasse.

Märcher Stöckli - Glatten (2490 m above sea level)
The mighty rampart directly to the north of the Klausenpass is called Märcher Stöckli. To the east of the pass summit tracks lead firstly through Alpine meadows and then across scree up to the Märcherstöckli and on through the unusual karst landscape up to Glatten (2490 m). You’ll reach the highest point of the walk in just two hours. You can come back down either along the same route or via the Balmergrätli ridge.

After this walk you’ll have earned yourself a bowl of delicious soup, a plate of spaghetti or a dish of mouth-watering ice cream with blueberries.