The Muotathal (Muota Valley)

Description of route
You can begin your hike at two different places in the valley. Starting point is either by the Brügg postal bus and local bus stop in Bürglen or the postal bus stop in Witerschwanden.

However, the easiest thing to do is circumvent this arduous part of the route altogether and take the Kinzig AG aerial tramway from Brügg-Bürglen up to the sun terrace of Biel, 1634 m above sea level. This takes just 15 minutes. It’s worth spending some time in Biel enjoying the glorious panoramic view stretching from Clariden as far as the Urirotstock mountain.

From Biel, the walk continues along an old sunken cartway towards Wissenboden onto the Chinzig Chulm, where you’ll find a chapel and a recently built mountain hut. There are now two paths to choose from which will take you on towards Muotathal. The first path takes you to Seenalp, past the beautiful mountain lake. The other leads over the Alp Chinzertal. At Lipplisbüel cross directly over the little bridge towards Hinterthal. The marked historic route you will also take you to your destination.
A visit to the Suvorov memorial near the Muotathal monastery makes this walk even more pleasurable.

This walk is also very enjoyable when the route is followed in the opposite direction.